Tuesday, 4 December 2012


My first image is of a box I made for a Christmas present. I was watching a programme about the Hougie Board (as modelled behind the box) and Kay, who invented it, mentioned it can be used to make boxes. Now, I have tried to make boxes before using the score boards designed for the purpose but with little success.  This time as I have the first project book, the Hougie board and some very nice Centura Pearl card, thought I would give it another go.

I had three presents to wrap that needed to look a little more interesting so opened the book to the right page and had a go. My first test piece was with some co-ordinations thick paper and I was quite pleased with the result.  I happened to have bought some A3 centura pearl that proved to be perfect for the size I wanted so cut it up and tried to concentrate to score in the correct places. It turned out to be really easy and I was so buoyed up by my success and being on a bit of a roll, I looked round for anything that needed a box. I have now boxed up four Christmas presents and have a couple of spare small boxes that might just be useful one day. I do like the Hougie board and, now I am trying out a few more ideas, can see it has even more potential.

This all reminded me of when my eldest daughter was small and used to sit avidly watching Blue Peter. I used to dread it when something was made as I could guarantee she would turn to me at the end and say ‘we could make that, couldn’t we mum?’ and most times we did.


  1. Gorgeous first project. I love that you went box crazy, boxing up everything in sight!

    Lin xx