Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Stix2 anything

My latest find with excellent bonding products is the Stix 2 range.  They kindly sent me samples of some of their range and I was very impressed. The high tac roller tape is so easy to use and the tape glides on easily making a very strong bond.  I tried the micro dots and they are perfect for using on delicate embellishments such as intricate die cuts. Follow them on Twitter (@stix_2) or Facebook (Stix-2-anything)


Thursday, 17 January 2013

A sticky problem

When I first began card making about 7 years ago, I made Christmas cards for the family. Looking back, they were not that great but I was proud of them.  My eldest daughter and her husband were given one with a fireplace, Christmas trees and stocking hanging by the fire, (all very useful stickers).
The day after she put it up, they came down in the morning to find it all had all slid off the card and was leaning drunkenly on top of the television. They thought it was funny and her hubby stuck it all back on with sticky tack. This incident began my quest for ultra-strong sticky stuff that wouldn’t stick to me or result in my efforts all slipping of the card.

Once of the best things I found first of all was Pinflair Glue Gel. This is amazing glue that bonds surfaces so strongly I have no worries it won’t stay put. I also used it to seal the rubber round my car door that the garage told me would cost a fortune as they would have to order special glue. They obviously hadn’t heard of Pinflair and it is still stuck firmly several years later. The amazing thing is, it just dries and peels off your fingers if you happen to touch it. How does it do this? Do you remember those strong adhesives that used to pull the skin off your fingers? 

For intricate pieces, needing a fine nozzle, then Cosmic Shimmer Glue is my choice. This bonds really well and is great for making flowers and fixing intricate die cuts.  Both these glues dry clear and that is another bonus. Next time I’ll tell you of my latest finds.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Hope you have all enjoyed Christmas and I would like to wish you
a very Happy New Year